About Michelle

Michelle Archer headshot medium cropped jI am a Wife, Mom, amateur chef, foodie,direct sales strategist, speaker and food allergy sufferer. Welcome to my kitchen.

I grew up with a love of cooking at my Southern Great Grandmother’s knee and found a true joy in feeding people. Nothing transforms an evening into an event like a great meal. In our family, we love to eat. We love to celebrate with friends and food is always a centerpiece. Food does so much more then nourish the body. Food nourishes the soul. Food connects and pays tribute to our heritage.

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with extensive food allergies. At first, the news was devastating and all of my favorite dishes became overnight no-no’s. I began a journey to eat well and live well. This blog chronicles the journey of trial, error, success and my constant companion… my red stove. May my trial and error help you on your journey to living well. Happy eating!


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