Milk & Butter Substitutes

Milk and butter substitutes can be tricky.  Here is the compilation of my trial and error.  I hope to save you some unpleasant experiences.


Love It 

earth balanceEarth Balance: This is a vegetable oil spread made of oils like olive, palm fruit, soy, canola and flax.  It is whipped to a butter consistency and great on toast, in sauces or for baking.  Naturally high in Omega 3 with a minimal of chemical ingredients AND GMO free.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Good quality olive oil is a perfect substitute for butter or oil in sauces or saute.  Look for extra virgin (not light) in a metal container which protects it from light.  My personal favorite is Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Skip It 

Margarine:  Margarine is high in omega 6 which can contribute to inflammation.  Our modern “heart healthy” diet is overrun with omega 6’s causing an imbalance in our diet which can contribute to inflammatory diseases. Not to mention that margarine is more chemical than food.

Heart Healthy Substitutes: Read the label.  Many contain cow dairy and high omega 6’s.  You want Omega 3’s.

Love It 

thai kitchen coconut milk
Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk: This makes an amazing heavy cream or half and half substitute.  It is also fantastic in coffee. If you read the label, it contains three ingredients: water, coconut milk & guar gum.  That’s it. Coconut milk can be used in both sweet and savory dishes and it is pretty delicious on cereal.



Almond Breeze: Yes I read the lawsuits claiming people were mislead over the amount of almonds.  I don’t really care if they milk almonds or not.  It is DELICIOUS and has a minimum of chemicals.  They use actual cane sugar in the sweetened version and no sugar in the unsweetened.  The unsweetened is great for cooking .  The sweetened is wonderful in cereal and desserts.


goat milk


Goat Milk: This is definitely and acquired taste.  it isn’t bad, it is pungent.   It is unsuitable for cereal (in my opinion) but is nice in cream sauces.  For the cost, I prefer to just use coconut or Almond Breeze.



Skip It 

Lactaid Milk: It is still milk.  Just because it doesn’t upset your stomach does not mean that it is not causing other complications.  If you are intolerant of milk, don’t drink milk… end of story.

Silk: Silk is soy milk and it is… well, vile is the only adjective that springs to mind. Completely unpalatable and there is quite a bit of research regarding negative health effects regarding women and soy.

Did I miss any of your favorites?  Let me know!

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