The Joy Of Cooking

My Birthday recently passed. Normally, it a time of reflection and goal setting. Did I accomplish the things I set out to accomplish? Did I move my family forward in life? Did I take advantage of opportunities to be fully present with those I love? What could I have done more of? What should I have done less of? You know, standard life questions.

This last year was more about maintaining than achieving. I am sure many others can say the same. For us it was another year of the pandemic, friends and loved ones moving away, the loss of others. It was also the end of an era. For 19 years, I cooked for a family, my family. Cooking is love. It was important to me that we ate together as a family (every night we could). It was important that we talked and laughed about our day together. It was also important to teach my Daughter to cook for herself. Spaghetti Bolognese is the last thing I made for my family of 3.

Since that time the kitchen has become a hard place. It hasn’t been the source of joy and passion that it once was. Most days I don’t really even feel like eating, much less cooking. My mission is to fix that this year. It’s beyond time.

Yesterday, this old friend showed me the way back to my joy. What better way could there be to rediscover my joy of cooking? I will be working my way through this treasure this year. Food feeds the soul. Mine is in need of nourishment. I hope to rediscover some old classics, discover some new favorites and find my joy in my 53rd year. Stay tuned!


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