Wine Tasting Party

In preparation for our 25th anniversary party, I thought I would share a party staple… wine and cheese boards.  Multiple wines pair nicely with multiple flavors so much of it comes down to a matter of taste.  I am sure that a Sommelier could find a dozen flaws in my pairings but it passes casual inspection.    Here are the wines that we normally pair and the items we pair with.  It offers  a little something for everyone.

There are dozens of ways to display your board from cutting boards to mirrored place mats to painting butcher block with chalkboard paint (I am not that crafty).  In the end I found some fabulous slate boards that we love.

As much of these items require no prep, these boards are actually easy to throw together.  If you are under a time crunch, they are a lifesaver.

Eat, drink and be merry!



Chardonnay comes oaked, un-oaked, more fruit forward etc.  If you were super serious about this (which let’s face it… who has time for that) your pairings would vary by the variety.  Here are some flavors that we enjoy with any Chardonnay.

Cheeses: Brie, Gruyere,  Medium Cheddar, Baby Swiss, Asiago and Havarti
Fruits and Nuts: Almonds, Apricots,  Olives
Proteins: Chicken, Shellfish
Herbs & Spices: Tarragon, Basil, Clove
Appetizers We Like: Marinated Mushrooms,  Tortellini Skewers, Green Pea Hummus


Pinot Grigio/ Pinot Gris


This is a light-bodied, crisp white with a light citrus flavor.  In addition to the specifics below, it goes well with crudité or salads in general.

Cheeses: Gouda, Soft Goat, Swiss
Fruits and Nuts: Pine Nuts, Apple, Cucumber, Cranberries
Proteins: Halibut, Scallop, Sushi
Herbs & Spices: Honey, Dill, Thyme
Appetizers We Like:  Sesame Salmon,   Peel and Eat Shrimp,   Spinach Artichoke Dish


Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied, “big” red often with buttery notes.
 Sharp Cheddar, Roquefort/Blue, Manchego,
Fruits and Nuts: Walnuts
Proteins: Cured meats, Red Meat
Herbs & Spices: Rosemary,  Bay Leaf,
Chocolate: Bittersweet
Appetizers We LikeBeef Welllington,   Brisket



Merlot is a medium-bodied red wine that is rich and fruity. It is often considered a “beginners” red wine because it is less intense than other reds.
  Parmesan, Romano, Pecarino
Fruits and Nuts:  Chestnuts, Tomatoes, Black Olives
Proteins:  Grilled swordfish,  Duck/ Game Birds, Lamb,  Venison
Herbs & Spices: Oregano
Chocolate: Dark, Dark Semi-sweet
Appetizers We Like: Meatballs and Red Sauce



Reislings are sweet, white wines.  When pairing think two things, sweeter or smokier. 
  Munster, Feta, Camembert
Fruits and Nuts:  Candied Walnuts, Pears
Proteins:  Smoked Ham, Bacon, Spicy Sauced Chicken
Herbs & Spices: Mint, Ginger, Spicy Peppers
Chocolate: Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate
Appetizers We Like: Bacon Deviled Eggs, Chicken Satay

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  1. Very good hints on wine pairing.


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