Bacon Brussels Sprouts

I grew up in the 80’s… the age of the microwave.  The only way I ever had these were microwaved out of a frozen package.  VILE!  There is no other word for it.  Like culinary penance.    When I had this version at a local restaurant I was …. confused … thrilled … intrigued.  It was like the world no longer made sense.  Why would anyone ever eat them any other way?   I went home and decided to try to recreate the magic.  After a few tries we have a new family favorite.  These are not the least bit earthy.  The smoking hot pan adds a sweet smoky caramel essence plus sweet onion, bacon and cheese…. heaven!

Note: I have the luxury of a griddle.  A cast iron skillet works well too.  Get it HOT and arrange your sprouts in a single layer so that they caramelize instead of steaming.  You may need to work in batches


  • 1 pound of Brussels sprouts
  • 6 strips of bacon
  • 1/2 a Vidalia onion,  sliced
  • Manchego or Parmesan style cheese
  • Salt and pepper to taste



  1. Trim the Brussels sprouts and cut them in half lengthways
  2. Fry about 6 strips of bacon. Set the bacon aside.
  3. Make sure the grease and pan are hot, hot, hot
  4. Add the onion.  Saute a half a sweet onion on med high in the grease until they start to go translucent
  5. Add the Brussels sprouts in a single layer. You want them to caramelize not steam.
  6. Add salt and pepper as they cook. (Usually the bacon salt is enough for us)
  7. Top with bacon and grated cheese

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